What happens to your skin when you ditch the synthetics for super foods and go zero chemicals in your skin care?

Your skin THRIVES…

In same way that when you feed your body super foods instead of processed foods, it gets healthier, your skin is the same. Caring for your skin with a topical diet of pure vitamins and minerals improves the long term health of your skin, bringing it into balance and allowing it function at it’s optimum…
Bringing back the natural healthy glow that you might not of seen in some time.

Here are the top 5 benefits for your skin when you go clean of chemicals with your skin care:

1. Flaky skin and redness is reduced.

Many synthetic chemicals, artificial colours, and fillers found in skin care products often make your skin feel like it is under attack as they try to alter how the skin functions normally.
This can cause the skin to be irritated leading to redness, and flaky skin. Exactly what you were trying to avoid.
Superfood skin care works to feed your skin the vitamins and minerals it needs to repair itself, enhancing normal cellular process and allow the skin to function normally and return to balance.

2.Your Skin is More Hydrated

A lot synthetic ingredients strip your skin of it’s natural oil. Your natural oil is the key element your skin uses to lock moisture deep into the dermis. Without oil in your skin you suffer from high transdermal water loss .. you lose water through your skin,  causing your skin to become dehydrated and look older than it is. When you stop stripping your skin, your natural oil level balances and returns to locking in moisture leading to hydrated and fresher looking skin.


3. Treats Acne

The top layers of your skin are all oil based and although oily, spot prone skin types tend to make more oil (sebum), this skin is  usually deficient in a certain kind of oil – Linoleic acid. Deficiency in Linoleic acid causes acne. How?
Linoleic acid, is believed to trigger natural exfoliation in the skin, keeping pores clean and free of bacteria that causes breakouts. When skin doesn’t exfoliate at a healthy rate, dead skin cells are trapped, causing  acne. Certain Superfoods are naturally abundant in Linoleic acid and the pure oil from these foods works to naturally exfoliate the skin reducing acne.

4. Reduce the signs of ageing from environmental pollutants.

First lets explain how Free Radicals from the environment can damage the skin. A free radical is an unstable electron that tries to become stable by grabbing an extra electron from atoms in the skin. When atoms are taken away from molecules in the skin, it causes damage to our skin's DNA that can speed up skin aging by causing wrinkles.

The ultimate weapon against free radical damage is antoxidants. Antioxidants attach themselves to the free radical, repair it and make it stable. The highest source of antioxidants are superfoods and plants. Using super foods and plants to care for the skin immediately starts to repair the damage and the subsequent signs of ageing.

5. Makes Your Skin Stronger

Vitamin F , otherwise known as essential fatty acids is critical to skin health. It helps the skin to resist damage and keep it's elasticity.
In fact, studies* have shown daily application of essential fatty acids to skin gives it a 52% better chance of resisting a loss of elasticity ie reducing skin sag.

The best place to get essential fatty acids? The cold pressed oil from superfoods.

Are some synthetic ingredients in certain doses OK?

The answer is maybe. But the problem is that most synthetic ingredients in skin care today have undergone very little testing, and those that have, have only been tested over a short period of time . There is little or no understanding about long-term effects on health and what happens when combinations of synthetic ingredients build in the body over time.

So no one really knows what synthetic ingredients are safe and which are not.

The Clean Skin Movement offer's people an alternative, a skincare range that feeds the skin super foods and plant based extracts that are proven to be beneficial for our skin rather than synthetic ingredients.

And lets face it, there are so many amazing potent plant alternatives it is unnecessary to use beauty products that contain potentially harmful synthetic ingredients….

it’s time to go zero chemical in your skin care for healthier skin and healthier planet .



*Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9233238