Cosmetic Fragrances making you sick? Ditch Synthetic skin care and go toxin free

It’s time to ditch synthetic skin care for super foods and organic ingredients and go toxin free.

Last week the internationally recognised scientist Dr. Steinemann (who has more than 25 years of experience in helping people live healthier chemical free lives!) announced the results of her recent study of Australian’s and the impact of harmful pollutants from every day products on their health.

And the headline from her media release is staggering:

“Common chemical products are making Australians sick”

The study found that 1 in 5 Australians are sensitive to common every day chemicals found in products in their home and it’s having an effect on their health.

That’s 2 million Australians suffering some level of sickness in reaction to everyday consumer products.

In a world where so many natural alternatives exist to harsh chemicals that allows you to go toxin free, it shocks me that so many Australian’s are still bringing toxic chemicals into their home and making themselves sick.

So what sort of sickness are we talking about? Some of the impacts from chemical pollutants can be quite serious, but for the majority of people according to The-Labyrinth, the symptoms we mistake for colds or flus’s such as headaches and runny nose may actually be caused by a reaction to the chemicals in the products that we are using around the home not the flu. And while these symptoms may be mild now, who knows the long term effects on your health!

Dr Steinemann says in her report: “Most of our exposure to harmful pollutants comes from everyday sources, such as consumer products. We can reduce significant health risks through relatively simple and cost-effective actions, such as choosing safer products ….. Analysing consumer products and evaluating ingredients”

And if you think that allergens in your home is a small problem , lets be clear it’s not. According to the Huffington post:

“The Average Woman Puts 515 Synthetic Chemicals On Her Body EVERY DAY Without Knowing”….

And the skin care industry for many years has been a key culprit in dishing up many of these chemicals. Dermatologist Kristen Hudson Nichols in a recent discussion with Elle Magazine said in regard to skin care products:

“Allergens can be applied topically. Ingredients such as preservatives, fragrances, colours and formaldehyde-releasing agents are common culprits causing skin allergies and irritation.”

Ms Nichols gave examples in discussion her with Elle where her clients suffered skin flare-ups, eczema, skin irritation and acne style bumps that she has traced back to the application of cosmetic products. She said “I have had patients develop facial eczema that I can trace back to them using cleansing wipes”

So why don’t the majority of people simply read the ingredient panels and make an informed choice when choosing products for their home and in particular to go on their skin? The answer : it's not that easy!

There is still so much confusion and information barriers for the average person when it comes to understanding the ingredient lists on products like skin care and cosmetics. Most of us have picked up a jar of skin care and been bamboozled by the chemically sounding ingredients.

And this is one of the key reason’s why I started The Clean Skin Movement skincare range. When I was trying to eliminate all the synthetic ingredients from my skin care I would look at the ingredient panel of "natural skincare” and still see unpronounceable ingredients on the panel. After decent internet research some of these ingredients i discovered that there is raging debate amongst the skincare industry about what is safe and what is not. So if the industry bods aren’t clear about safety then, how is the average person supposed to know? You only option is trust the skincare company selling the product!

And there is no regulation around what really is "natural". A skin care product can have as little as 1% natural ingredients and still classify itself as natural. There is no law against putting a picture of an avocado on the front of the pack even if avocados represent 1% of the product and it's mixed with parabens!

Coming from a background in food, I have never understood how any ingredient could be good for your skin (and body) that had a name that I couldn’t pronounce and that came from a lab.

I believe that skin care should be like food, understandable and 100% from nature! 100% toxin free And free of chemical processing!

I was really disappointed with the “Natural skin care” options available. While some brands i discovered had a few quality ingredients, they were most often blended  with cheap synthetics made in a lab , which, in many cases are cheaper, more predictable versions of natural ingredients created to simplify the manufacturing process and make the cosmetic cheaper to make ( ie so the skin care company can make more money).

None of this sat well with me and I wanted to have a natural skin care range that I could understand, that treated the skin like the organ that it is, feeding it a nutritious diet of vitamins and minerals from real, pure, potent super foods not synthetic ingredients from a lab.

Hence The Clean Skin Movement was born. A natural skin care routine based on a nutritious diet for your skin, 100% CLEAN of synthetic ingredients and 100% made from super foods and organic ingredients. That’s it, just superfoods... not superfoods mixed with synthetic ingredients!

I feel like it’s time that the the curtain is pulled away and consumers know the truth about what is in the skin care products they are buying.

That’s why  at The Clean Skin Movement we have complete ingredient lists for each of our products available on the website and sample sizes of each at a fraction of the cost so you can evaluate the product for yourself without spending lots of money.

Skincare has become overwhelming, so lets simplify it.

Demand transparency in the products that you buy.

Lets make the future of skin care more straightforward and like a healthy that feeds the skin super foods rather than synthetic ingredients, 100% toxin free.

That’s our mission at the Clean Skin Movement.

Simply, it’s a win for the skin!

So is your skin care making you sick?

If you would like to hear more about how you can improve the health of your skin in 21 days by going 100% toxin free with your skin care by ditching the synthetics for super foods and organic ingredients then

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