The Easy Guide to Kickstarting a Clean Beauty Routine

Want to get rid of the chemicals and synthetic ingredients in your skin care routine but don't know where to start??? Our easy 5 step guide will get you started on a new routine that your skin will absolutely thank you for!

1. Ditch the chemical cleanser that is striping your skin and say hello to an oil based cleanser.

Foaming and lotion cleansers  contain harsh ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES) to name a few. They upset your skin’s delicate biology. They take your skin from healthy to alkaline – causing dryness and irritation . They make your skin's barrier less effective – a cause of sensitivity and redness and dehydration. They cause oily skin to over react and produce more oil. Importantly that build up in your body over time and can impact your long term health!

Ditch your traditional cleanser for an oil based cleanser!

An 100% oil cleanser softly but thoroughly cleans your skin without the chemicals and leaves your skin glowing and healthy.

2. Swap your traditional moisturiser for a face oil!

Every moisturiser contains water which breeds bacteria, which means that very moisturiser requires a harsh chemical preservative, (often parabens) to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

But what about the preservatives that natural brands claim to use? Phenoxyethonol , Sodium Benzoate , Natacide, and all other preservatives that claim to be “natural” are still a cocktail of chemicals and alcohol designed to kill bacteria. Some claim to be originally derived from a natural source but really this is clever marketing attempting to hide the fact that they are still harsh chemicals often with alcohol added that is not declared on the label.

These ingredients attack the skin rather than nourish them! So swap your moisturiser for a face oil

Face oils are 100% plant based super foods and do not require preservatives, they moisturise the skin without any chemicals, holding water deep in the dermis of your skin. They are pure vitamins and minerals, that nourish the skin without anything that is bad!

3. Exfoliate with Clay and Fruit extracts rather than synthetic AHA’s and BHA’s.

Lactic acid is one of the most common alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) in skin care today, marketed as a powerful ingredient that appears in many exfoliants and masks.

While it removes the dead skin cells, this synthetic ingredient is incredibly harsh for skin, and over time, could lead to increased ageing due to sun damage.

Did you know however that you get the same benefits by ditching your synthetic exfoliator in favour of fruit extracts and clay? Fruit extracts work to naturally breakdown the glue that holds the dead skin cells together, while clays actively remineralise the skin. A plant based solution that leaves your skin soft and clean of chemicals.

4. Say goodbye to heavy chemical laden make-up that is aggravating your skin, and use a mineral based powder.

Did you know that the skin problem you are covering up with foundation is probably making your skin worse?

The average foundation contains 24 chemicals , with the most worrying being Polymethylmethacrylate which is a potential cause of allergies, disrupts the immune system and has possible links to cancer. Many ingredients found in foundation can clog the pores and cause acne.

Let your skin breathe and swap your foundation for a loose mineral based powder. True mineral based powders are free of synthetics, fragrances, preservatives, parabens, gluten, oils, and waxes.
Gentle ingredients promote healthy skin and won’t clog pores.

5. Eat more of a plant based diet rather than dairy and meats.

Scientists have shown that reducing animal products in your diet can significantly improve acne and reduce breakouts.

One study showed that when people with Psoriasis ate a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and avoided meat their symptoms significantly improved! Plant-based foods contain a significantly greater amount of vitamins and minerals than animal products.

Science has shown that people who eat a fruit and vegetables rich in carotenoids (a vitamin A derivative) had glowing skin. Vitamins and minerals contain antioxidants that fight free radical damage; they also keep the immune system strong and help with skin healing.

( always consult a doctor before starting a new diet)


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