The incredible benefits of exercise in keeping your skin young and healthy!

We have all heard the benefits of exercise for a healthy body but it also has incredible benefits to keeping your skin young healthy and vibrant... 

And here are the top 4 reasons why:











Did you know that participating in high cardio exercise ( the type that makes you SWEAT!) 2-3 times a week actually purifies and detoxes the skin? Sweating clears the pores and helps the body get rid of toxins that are residing in the skin! The only caveat here - make sure you don't wear make-up when you exercise!!!

Yes heading out for a walk in the fresh air helps your skin! You skin does need Vitamin D to be healthy ( and the sun is the only source of this!). Most people think the sun is bad for the skin, but as long as you are wearing sunscreen, it's a good thing!

Walking also helps with circulation to the skin, getting the skin the necessary vitamins to function properly! 

It's true - stress damages skin cells and leads to premature ageing of the skin! When your stressed your body releases cortisol, which in turn releases free radicals into the body which attack skin cells causing damage leading to wrinkles and fine lines. Keeping cortisol under control keeps the skin healthy and it's as simple as introducing a daily meditation routine into your day. Believe it or not it only takes 5 of daily meditation to make a huge impact!!!


Yes Face Yoga is a thing and it's the BOMB! Face yoga is a special method of gently exercising the muscles in the face to make the firmer. The concept is the same as strengthening your body with yoga. It takes a bit to master the process, and yes you look a little weird doing it but trust us it works!!!!


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