Dry skin which causes fine lines, cracking and dry patches (basically making your skin look much older , itchy and red) is more common in the winter months as the humidity drops. Humidity in the air helps the skins hydration level, and when it's low it amplifies dry skin.
While you might apply moisturiser to the skin, it is oil that is critical to keeping the skin hydrated. Oil locks water and moisture deep into the dermis of the skin. Without oil in the skin you easily lose water through your epidermis. Unfortunately your skin makes less oil as it ages.
So while you might be adding water to the skin through your moisturiser. Dry skin lacks enough oil to hold water into the dermis.
Hence why your moisturiser isn't making a difference to the problem

But there is a solution :

Applying a nutritious topical diet of super foods and oils ( not synthetic ingredients) can help rapidly replace the moisture and oil in your skin, hydrating and eliminating dryness leading to glowing skin.

Why Superfoods are good for dry skin?
The right plant super oils, butters and extracts penetrate deep into the dermis of the skin, without any toxins.
They fortify and strengthen the skins natural barrier and protection against the winter elements through their high antioxidant and vitamin and mineral content.
Nut and seed oils, as an example, protect the skin from the drying effects of the cold season as they deliver high doses of Vitamin E and Omega-3. One of our favourite oils for dryness is that from Brazil nuts (which we use in The Harvest Face Oil), which is incredibly beneficial to dry skin skin due to it’s high levels of selenium which helps protect the moisture barrier and prevent dry skin,

So what is the best skincare routine for dry skin:

 It might seem like common sense to use hot water and soaps or to reach for skincare with a list of synthetic ingredients you have never heard of but this can only make things worse. We recommend:
1. Use  a “gentle” cleanser that will get rid of dirt without disturbing the skin. We recommend a cleansing balm, that doesn’t strip the skin of oil but leaves it soft and clean.
2. Step away from a heavy exfoliator and reach for active clays  such as those from Brazil and natural fruit extracts such as papaya and pineapple that enzymatically remove dead skin cells rather than ripping at the skin.
3. Add moisture to the skin through a potent plant extract serum which will immediately hydrates the skin
4. Follow your serum with face oil rather than a moisturiser. The right oil blends will lock moisture into the skin providing a long term solution to dryness
5. Stick with a simple routine based on pure plant based ingredients.Your routine has to be simple and easy to maintain!
If you have dry skin, it can be frustrating to find products that work without spending a fortune or worrying about harmful side effects. But you can fight dry skin naturally and effectively without having to spend excessive amounts of money or introduce harmful chemicals to your body.
That’s why at The Clean Skin Movement we have the 21 Day’s to healthier skin Trial Packs. A complete skincare routine for 21 days to help combat dry skin, made 100% of superfoods and 100% CLEAN of synthetic, artificial and chemically altered ingredients.
The pack lasts for 21 Days, allowing you to evaluate the results without paying full price!

With packs start at $49.95 there has never been an easy and more cost effective way to trial a new skin routine to eliminate  and evaluate the impact of super foods on your skin for yourself.

So why not say goodbye to dry skin TODAY with

The Clean Skin Movement 21 Day Trial packs....

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