Meet Sasha: Wellness Mentor


Hi, I'm Sasha, it's awesome to meet you!

Lets get to know each other!

I'm a mamma of 2 kids and 4 fur babies... wife to 1 husband who lives in Sydney!

Founder of The Clean Skin Movement skin care, clean beauty advocate, wellness mentor, fitness enthusiast, a lover of distance running, a novice swimmer (with a goal to get her bronze medallion) , taxi driver to my family, a business mentor and part of an incredible and inspiring wellness community

When people ask me what I want in life the answer is simple : I want to be happy! 

What I have learnt in my 46 years is that happiness is directly linked to healthiness. And what I mean by this is not just being skinny, working out like crazy or starving yourself but instead true holistic health that encompasses mind, body and spirit!

I haven't always been the healthiest happiest me:

I suffered most of my life with low self esteem

I  was plagued with eating disorders through my teens and twenties

I've been over worked and stressed in high profile corporate jobs, because I thought that was what I was supposed to do

I've used cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine to manage stress and then wondered why my skin looked so bad.

And I suffered with years of infertility when trying to have my second child!

TODAY ..I am really passionate about helping others on their own journey to health and happiness whether it is through improving the health of your skin or working with you on sustainable lifestyle changes that improves your total holistic health!

I would love to chat with you! If you would like help with your health goals please email me at and lets work together on becoming the healthiest, happiest you!