Nut & Seed Ingredients

Cold Pressed Hazelnut Oil
“Pore Reducing Oil”, educes blackheads + moisturizes
Cold Pressed Argan Oil
Regulates the production of sebum which helps prevent further breakouts
Organic Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil
Clears pores and revitalizes skin
Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil
Hydrates, renews, and increases the firmness of skin while fighting acne causing bacteria
Cold Pressed Watermelon Seed Oil
dissolves sebum getting rid of blackheads
Orange Peel Oil
reduces excess oils from the skin and fights off acne causing bacteria by disinfecting skin
Natural Vitamin E
Retains moisture in the skin
Lavender Essential Oil
Restores skin complexion
Rosemary Essential Oil
antimicrobial and antiseptic