Here is what some of our customers have shared with us:

"I'm 53 years old and I have dry skin, sensitive skin and eczema.
These products are better for my skin than any I have ever found, and I have tried everything!
My skin has never looked or felt so good. I'm a devotee!"

Rena , Sydney

"Acne and hormonal pigmentation ( thanks to three pregnancies) has always been big for me and I was constantly stripping away the oils with the belief that less oils less dirty less breakouts I’d have, well here was my game changer, the ritual that change my thinking towards my skin, a conscious effort of using non chemical vegan products with the motive that by replenishing and supporting my natural oil balance in my face that my skin would feel better then it has. So the verdict after 21 days - I wish I’d tried this products earlier, my skin is glowing like I can’t remember the last time it felt and looked as good as it does. I’m not flawless but there is noticeable difference in my appearance of my skins tone, texture, moisture balance and guess what I didn’t have a hormonal break out this month 😱: to me that’s winning! Part of my renew you project for myself was to focus on myself, my habits and what I was doing for my body, this ritual has now become an extension of that. I love that I’m spending time renewing my skin with products that ethically align with me and my beliefs for my body. “
Peta Mudgee NSW 
"I was introduced to The Clean Skin Movement a couple of months ago and it’s been incredible. The products are so beautiful to use, knowing it is all so natural and my skin has transformed. It has depth and suppleness I’ve not had for a very long time. I’m hooked." Emma Northern Beaches Sydney
"loving these all natural products from @thecleanskinmovement. I'm two weeks into using these now pretty impressed so far no itchy, irritated or tight feeling skin!! " 


"extremely nourishing product and for a Family where our skin is all very different - it works for all of us!" Nicola B ( Sydney) 


"Has honestly made a massive difference to my face , and not just that but even effects my mood and has made me a happier person!” @gracejacka


"As a Makeup Artist, I often get asked about a good daily skincare regime that’s not going to break the bank and is easily maintainable! Well, I finally found it!
I’ve been using a few products from @thecleanskinmovement for 6 months now, and I’m happy to say that my skin has never felt better!
Winter usually wrecks havoc on my skin, as I’m naturally quite DRY, but this season I’ve noticed it’s only getting better! How is this possible I say?!? Honestly, I don’t like to go beyond 3 steps for skincare, otherwise I feel like it drags on and I won’t maintain it!
So here’s my 3 step routine: (1) Superfood Cleansing Balm - An amazing product that cleanses and takes off all of your makeup without stripping the skin of its natural oils. I’ve tried so many makeup removers and this is by far the best!! Harvest Face Oil - A face oil that is jam packed with goodness! I’m talking vitamins A,B,C and E, brazil nut & rosehip oil & so many more rich oils, that when combined are like silk on the skin! The best part is they are all natural!
Gold Fruit Clay Mask - A gentle exfoliator I use once a week or once every two weeks (let’s be real, life gets busy!) which i find just gently refreshes my skin

That’s it! I have found the price, value and customer service is also amazing! "

Jazz D ( Sydney Northern Beaches)


“My skin felt so amazing last night and it’s only day 1, so I can’t wait to continue my new regime !” Denise ( SA)



"Perfect for sensitive skin! As someone with sensitive, dry skin with rosacea it's always a worry trying new products. But this face oil worked miracles in calming down the redness in m... – Anna on 4.C THE HARVEST FACE OIL

"I'm Addicted ! This oil is amazing! People have been saying that my skin looks fresher and has a glow since I started on it 10 days ago! "– Ashton on 4.B NUT & SEED FACE OIL