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Moisture Enhancing Serum ! 

 Suitable for all skin types
With a potent cocktail of fruit extracts this face serum provides instant rehydration and a glow to the skin. Locking in moisture and reducing the signs of ageing caused by exposure to the environment, this tonic provides relief for thirsty skin in either scorching summers or bitter winters.
The Clean Skin Movement Face Tonics are rich in nutrients from organic wild harvested plants. Using phyto actives extracted directly from the plants XYLEM and PHYLUM (where the plants nutrients are stored), The Clean Skin Movement Face Tonic feeds your skin the highest quality and most potent plant actives available in Australia
 100% CLEAN of artificial and synthetic ingredients and fragrances.
100% CLEAN of animal products and animal cruelty.
and unlike most tonics/ toners we are 100% CLEAN of alcohol.
It contains only natural active superfoods in their purest state that have been only been tested on humans.
Use the tonic morning and night, after cleansing with the cleansing balm and before applying a face oil.
It is gentle enough to use daily, morning and/ or night. 

The Results ?

Healthy Glowing Skin. 
Scent: no scent
Vegetable Glycerin, Water Hibiscus Extract, Emu Apple Extract, 
Kakadu Plum Extract, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Vera Extract , Witch Hazel Extract ( Alcohol Free)

Review full ingredient list before purchase .May contain traces of nut oils.
Patch test before use.
This product has a 6 month shelf life

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